Dear Michael,

I thought I would just drop you a quick note to thank you so much for the way you sorted out my trees. After you left I had to go to the shops to get a few things, and I suddenly realised as I walked down my drive that I could not see one single leaf - you had left everything so neat and tidy. 

One does get rather attached to trees. The only reason I wanted the conifer felled and the cotoneaster reduced was because I felt I should do that as a good neighbour, so to speak. I think you realised that I was a bit sad about it and you really helped me to come to terms with it. Some small things one has to do because it is right, even when there is no legal obligation. I talked with my partner about whether to ask the neighbour for a contribution towards the cost, but we have decided that would be a bit mean-spirited. Maybe she will thank us, maybe she won't: it is an opportunity for her to be nice if she wants to be. That's the way I look at it. 

Well, I must stop rambling on like this! 

Best wishes



John Lewis Smith